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    Welcome to Armour Pro International

    Based in South Africa, we specialise in providing a wide range of armouring and protection solutions for all types of clients. Our speciality is armouring luxury, commercial and specialised vehicles, however we are actually able to armour anything. We are a leader in armoured vehicles and equipment, with an excellent reputation both locally and globally.

    Armour Pro is committed to Product Innovation and finding ways to provide clients with World Class armour protection services. With a range of Customised Solutions, as well as exceptional High Quality Finishing Standards, Armour Pro aims at maintaining its reputation as a leader in the industry, both in South Africa and on a global level. Our Design, Engineering, and Customisation teams provide clients with a range of Tried and Tested Solutions. Armour Pro’s Skilled Team of Experts offer various levels of protection for all types of vehicles, infrastructure, and products, and for all types of clients.

    Armour Pro has at its core, the values of Integrity and Honesty, and above all, Accountability.